A Gallery of Soviet Poster Art

The early Soviet period was a time of experiment and achievement in the graphic arts, particularly in a form of great importance for the new regime, the political poster.

The exhibit is divided into the following parts:

  1. The Early Years - Bolshevik Posters
  2. Soviet Socialist Realist Paintings
  3. 1920's Soviet Advertisements
  4. Glasnost Posters


I developed this, my first HTML project, for a course that I took in 1995. My original intent was to find some examples of Soviet images relating to atomic propaganda, but the Internet was still young and these turned out to be too hard to find. Instead I chose some interesting pictures of posters and realist paintings.

Recent changes include:

This project was developed before the days of high-res monitors and broadband internet when the typical screen resolution was 800x600, and access was via dial-up (sloooow). In those days we were looking to minimize image load times, which is why some of the poster images are unfortunately small by today's standards. This was a big issue back then, and it lead to another of my early projects, the Kettle Valley Viewer, a JavaScript image viewer completed in 1997. The idea of the viewer was to first offer the user a chance to view the image as a thumbnail, and they could then view a larger copy of the image if they chose to. At the time it seemed pretty slick, but compared to today's viewers it feels a tad awkward. I keep clicking on the thumbnail to view the larger image!